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The Hotel Pool

Joybubbles tells the story of a time that he went to a hotel in his own city while living in Memphis, Tennessee. He had always...


The Angel

Joybubbles tells a story from when he was 6 years old and living in Berlin, New Jersey. His mother would take him with her to...


Christmas Memories

In this episode recorded on Christmas Eve, Joybubbles first reminisces on the Christmas Day 11 years earlier on which he first came up with the...


The Fairy Dress, the Little Boy and the Old Man, and Walter

First, Joybubbles tells a story that Emily-friend told him on Christmas. In the story, a girl named Deirdre and her impatient father go shopping for...


The Jewelry Store and Penelope

Joybubbles tells a story about his friend Dawn in Australia going into a jewelry store. She was wearing her beach clothes, so the employees of...


Making a Difference in Someone's Life

Joybubbles tells two stories about making a difference: one about someone who made a difference in his life when he was a kid, and another...


Christmas in April and Halloween in May

Joybubbles tells a story about his late friend Corey, a terminally ill child. In 1992, when Corey was 6, he was granted a wish by...



Joybubbles recounts the story of the imaginary friend of a girl named Sheralyn. Sheralyn was a part of a play group Joybubbles went to. She...


Miss Frances

Joybubbles tells a story about a television program he liked as a kid: Ding Dong School with Miss Frances. He liked the show so much...


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