The Jewelry Store and Penelope - 02/06/2006

Joybubbles tells a story about his friend Dawn in Australia going into a jewelry store. She was wearing her beach clothes, so the employees of the store decided that she did not look like someone who would be buying their jewelry, and ignored her. She responded by offering to give them a customer service seminar, which she assumed they wouldn't take her up on. But the manager of the store called her later to take her up on the seminar. Joybubbles then describes the sort of things she teaches, which include "looking deep" and "listening to what's not being said." He reads the poem "The Little Boy and the Old Man" by Shel Silverstein, which Dawn likes.

Next Joybubbles tells a story about his friend Penelope, whose name he mispronounced as a child. She was pregnant and full of anticipation, but her daughter Mindy was stillborn. She was devastated and told her partner Judy to throw out the birth certificate, among other things. But when Penelope started to regret telling Judy to throw them away, Judy revealed that she had actually kept them, knowing that Penelope would regret getting rid of them.

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