Christmas in April and Halloween in May - 04/16/2006

Joybubbles tells a story about his late friend Corey, a terminally ill child. In 1992, when Corey was 6, he was granted a wish by the Make A Wish foundation. His wish was to be Santa Claus. So in April he wore a Santa Claus suit, sang carols with his friends, and passed out gifts at his daycare.

Shortly afterwards, he asked when Halloween was coming. Realizing Corey might not live until October, his mom told him that Halloween was coming in a few days, even though it was only May. Corey and his mom dressed up as pirates and trick-or-treated around his neighborhood. At midnight, for a "pirate surprise" he and his Mom went to a closed TV store with universal remotes and turned on all the TVs.

Corey passed away in September 1992.

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