Penelope - 06/05/2006

Joybubbles tells a couple of stories about his friend Penelope.

First, the story of how they met: Penelope was living in Oklahoma City at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, and read an article about Joybubbles in the paper. She decided to call him and read some children's books to him in order to help make herself feel better.

Then, the story of how Penelope got Joybubbles a job. Joybubbles had mentioned to her that he was looking for a job, and she called him in the middle of the night one night to tell him her partner had found a job for him at a laboratory. It turned out to be a job smelling pig manure. He didn't know if she was serious, but it turned out to be real and he ended up working there.

Then, the story of how Penelope and her partner Judy got married. They had already been together for many years, and were on vacation in Canada when they decided to get married on a whim. They found a few witnesses in the hall and got Joybubbles on the phone to listen to the ceremony. Joybubbles reflects on how when you share love, you end up with more of it.

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