Under the House - 05/20/2006

Joybubbles tells a story from when he was four years old about a time he got lost underneath his house. He was playing around the house when he found a little door in the side, and decided to go in. He thought the place he found was magical, but when he decided to go back he realized he didn't know his way out. He started to cry, and his mother heard him, but didn't know where he was. She thought he might have fallen behind a wall or in the floor, and looked for a hammer to start smashing holes in the walls. When she couldn't find her hammer, she went next door asking for one. Luckily, the man next door had done some maintenance work on the building and had a guess what had happened. He managed to find Joybubbles underneath the house and get him out safely. Once Joybubbles was out, he realized he had left his "growler" toy and wanted to go back to get it, but instead his mother decided to buy him a new one.

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Tagged: full, has description, childhood