Miss Frances - 05/06/2006

Joybubbles tells a story about a television program he liked as a kid: Ding Dong School with Miss Frances. He liked the show so much that he would always wake up like clockwork right at the time when it would be on the air, even more accurately than the clocks in his house. He would talk to Miss Frances about the hard stuff he was going through in his family, and he felt like she was his best friend.

One day to the next, Joybubbles' family moved to New Jersey. They had to throw away a lot of his toys, and they left behind the TV aerial so when they got to New Jersey all they could get was static. At "Miss Frances time" Joybubbles tuned in anyway, and then got up on top of the TV and climbed around. He found that if he put his feet in a certain place, he could faintly hear Miss Frances! It was very hot on top of the TV but he stayed there for the entire program, collapsing at the end from dizziness. Joybubbles, not understanding how TV worked at that time, was amazed that Miss Frances had moved with him to New Jersey. When, in the next episode, Miss Frances talked about moving vans, he understood that it was a coded message that she had moved just for him.

Much later, Joybubbles told this story to a man in Atlanta, who sent him a genuine Ding Dong School bell.

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