Making a Difference in Someone's Life - 04/04/2006

Joybubbles tells two stories about making a difference: one about someone who made a difference in his life when he was a kid, and another about a time he made a difference in someone's life himself.

The first story is about an ice cream man in his neighborhood when he was a kid. He and his sister loved having ice cream every day, until their dad lost his job and told them he couldn't afford to buy ice cream anymore. But when the ice cream man came to their house, he said he could use some help eating leftover ice cream! This continued every day, with the ice cream man coming to their house to give them his "leftover ice cream," until their dad got a job again. Joybubbles reflects on how thankful he was for the gesture.

The second story takes place when Joybubbles was about 30 years old, and working as a technician at a Denver phone company. His friend Bill, also blind and interested in phones, wanted to work as a technician too, but was having trouble finding a job. Nowhere besides the company that Joybubbles worked seemed to think a blind person could be a technician, and the Denver company said they didn't need two. So Joybubbles did the only thing that could get Bill hired: he quit. Bill did get the job, and worked there for 25 years. Joybubbles, of course, had adventures of his own.

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