Christmas Memories - 12/24/2005

In this episode recorded on Christmas Eve, Joybubbles first reminisces on the Christmas Day 11 years earlier on which he first came up with the idea, and name, of Stories and Stuff.

Joybubbles then tells a very recent story, in which he forgot his cane at a grocery store. He called the store, and a friendly manager offered to drive it to his house for free, which is more evidence that "good things happen around Christmas."

Then Joybubbles tells a Christmas story from circa 1957. One Christmas, his Christmas present, a Braille book, came in the mail. Without opening it, Joybubbles read the title of the book right through the wrapping, and his mother chided him for ruining the surprise. The next year, his Christmas present was wrapped in an enormous box. The box had a box in it, and so on, until when he opened the final box, Joybubbles found a book. He couldn't read that one through the wrapping! He and his sister also played with the boxes; the biggest one was big enough for five children.

Joybubbles' next story is about a "silent conversation" he had with his friend Dawn. Worn down from her trip to Japan, she called him and they stayed on the line with each other without speaking.

Joybubbles next tells a few stories from his imaginary friend "Emily-friend," who always visits him on Christmas, one about a circus and another about a lonely pinwheel. He looks forward to a fun Christmas, and encourages everyone to ask for an imaginary friend.

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