The Angel - 05/17/2004

Joybubbles tells a story from when he was 6 years old and living in Berlin, New Jersey. His mother would take him with her to the grocery store, and he would wait outside in the car while she took "20 years" to shop. So in order to be less bored, he asks God to send Jesus or an angel down for him to talk to.

The very next day, a man comes into the car while Joybubbles is waiting, and begins to fiddle with the dashboard. Joybubbles, understanding the fascination with the dashboard, waits for a while before asking the man if he is Jesus. The man, surprised, says that he isn't, which Joybubbles takes to mean that he must be an angel. Joybubbles asks the man all sorts of questions about being an angel and living in heaven, before recommending to that the man go to church, because the priest there would probably want to meet an angel. Tearfully, the man leaves for the church.

When Joybubbles' mother comes out to the car, she finds that the radio isn't working. They take the car to a shop and find out that it is partially unscrewed and disconnected, as if someone had started to steal it. Joybubbles concludes that the man thought he was a radio thief, but was, in reality, an angel.

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